Do you have general questions about the Y&S Nazarian Family Foundation? This "Frequently Asked Questions" area provides answers to some commonly asked questions about the Foundation and its programs.

Who is the Nazarian Family?

The Nazarian Family is headed by Younes and Soraya Nazarian, who have four children - David, Shulamit, Sharon and Sam - and eight grandchildren. These family members actively participate as trustees, Board of Directors and the Junior Board of Advisors with the Y&S Nazarian Family Foundation.  The Foundation was founded in 2000 and inspired by the family's matriarch - Golbahar Aviva Hamachi Nazarian, fondly known as "Ima."


What is the difference between the Y&S Nazarian Family Foundation and the Ima Foundation?

The Y&S Nazarian Family Foundation is headquartered in Los Angeles, California; and the Ima Foundation serves as the regional office based in Tel Aviv, Israel. Grantmaking and other projects are done collaboratively by the two foundations.


What does the Y&S Nazarian Family Foundation fund?

The Foundation funds in the following priority areas with the respective allocations made from 2000-present:

Y&S Nazarian Family Foundation (USA)

  • Education (52%) 
  • Research on Policy Making (23%)
  • Arts and Culture (3%)
  • Jewish Causes (8%)
  • Iranian Causes (2%) 
  • General Philanthropy (12%)

Ima Foundation (Israel)

  • Education (44%) 
  • Arts and Culture (29%)
  • Emergency Fund (1%) 
  • Friends of Israel Defense Forces (7%)
  • General Philanthropy (19%)
Where does the Y&S Nazarian Family Foundation fund geographically?

The Y&S Nazarian Family Foundation's geographic foci include southern California as well as partnerships in other parts of the United States, and Israel.  At the discretion of the Nazarian family, the Foundation may fund in additional areas or regions in need.


How may we apply for grant funding?

Due to its finite resources to support many worthy and deserving needs, the Foundation accepts letters of inquiry and grant proposals only by invitation. The Foundation Trustees, Board of Directors and Junior Board of Advisors thoroughly research organizations and projects of interest that best fit funding priorities through a rigorous internal process for consideration.  Only those organizations with tax-exempt status under IRS Code Section 501(c)3 are eligible for consideration and funding by the Foundation.


May we contact the Foundation about a proposed project partnership?

The Y&S Nazarian Family Foundation conducts its grantmaking activities with the highest level of due diligence in selecting those organizations and projects that are the best fit for its funding focus areas. The Foundation prefers only solicited requests or proposals.


We have been invited to submit a full proposal. What is our next step?

If you have been invited to submit a full proposal, you will be notified by the Foundation Administrator of what the time table will be for the Foundation's review period of your request.


Does the Foundation conduct site visits of all organizations that are invited to submit a formal proposal?

Yes, the Foundation may conduct site visits with your organization before, during and/or after your formal proposal submission. The Foundation will be in direct communications with your organization regarding scheduling of these site visits and meetings.


What is required once a grant is awarded?

The Foundation will notify you of your grantee status. There will be two required reporting periods annually which will be specified in your contract agreement with the Foundation. The written reports will include program and financial reporting. Periodic site visits will be scheduled in addition to the written progress reports.


My question is not answered in the FAQs – what can I do?

Please send your question to info@yandsnazarianfamilyfoundation.org and the Foundation will be happy to respond in a timely manner. Thank you for your interest.