Our Junior Board of Advisors

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Projects supported by the Junior Board of Advisors

In keeping with the spirit of the Nazarian Family tradition of planting seeds to help bring about meaningful change to the communities they care about and passing on their moral and financial inheritance to their children, grandchildren and generations beyond, Younes and Soraya created the Junior Board of Advisors. The Junior Board of Advisors of the Y&S Nazarian Family Foundation is comprised of the family's third generation: the grandchildren of Younes and Soraya.

The Foundation's Junior Board is an illustrative example of moving legacy to leadership. Growing the next generation of philanthropists is important to the Nazarian family as this ensures that all family members are committed to the Foundation's vision and mission and continue the leadership exemplified by the founders. The Junior Board offers the family a special opportunity to inspire and to be inspired through an educational journey of teaching and learning about the importance of nonprofits in our society as well as the role that philanthropy plays in supporting organizations that serve those most in need.

Each Junior Board member is responsible for his or her annual discretionary giving, a pre-determined amount according to age that is set by the Board of Directors. Junior Board members thoroughly research organizations or projects of interest that best fit the Foundation's focus areas. Recommendations may be awarded to one organization or several. The recommendation process that guides the Junior Board is the same one that is conducted by the Board of Directors of the Foundation. Annually, each Junior Board member presents his or her recommendation to the Trustees and Board of Directors for final review and approval. It is the responsibility of the Junior Board members to find their own leadership and advocacy role, and to develop their own unique strengths and passions. Ultimately, it is the hope of the family to ensure the continuation of the Nazarian legacy through the third generation of philanthropists.


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